ROSEC Solar provides Commercial-Scale Solar PV Solutions that are balanced in terms of size, energy production and capital expenditure in order to generate the highest returns for its customers.

Get your projects optimally across the finish line!

C & I Solar PV Systems

The design and installation of commercial-scale PV systems are more complex compared to ground-mount systems. They need detailed assessment of the project sites for creating efficient and optimally-designed solutions to address non-optimal tilts and orientations, and complex shading scenarios.

Technical insights on intricate solar designs to:

1. Identify project technical risks

2. Pinpoint non-optimal areas in the system design

3. Ensure compliance with applicable codes and standards

Distinctive Features

1. Optimum Design s our hallmark.

2. Efficient Installation Layout is our trademark. We create efficient system layouts in the available space and site constraints. The cabling layouts minimize cable runs. Longer cables lead to higher voltage drops (power losses) and more CAPEX.

3. Safe Electrical Design is our brand, producing properly-sized cables, conduits, breakers and fuses. We develop specifications for the new PV system to integrate safely and reliably with the existing electrical systems.

We develop engineering drawings for permit packages using AutoCAD: site plans, equipment layouts, mechanical racking, structural attachments, single line diagrams, interconnection details, BOS specifications, labeling . . .

Provide technical oversight to project teams during installation and commissioning to ensure quality and performance of the system. We effectively diagnose and troubleshoot the root causes of underperformance issues.

Commissioning Procedures

Get complete set of Commissioning Procedures and Data-Recording Forms, developed in accordance with IEC 62446-1, for Commercial and Industrial solar systems.

O&M Plans

Get O&M Plans, Procedures and Forms for C&I Solar PV Systems, developed in accordance with IEC 62446-2.

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